Situating research – TFGA: The First Group Assignment :D

The first blended face to face group assignment in one of the courses was to prepare a presentation and to write an essay about approaching a research question from different perspectives or “lens” of research. The group discussion after the team formation was fantastic, and we ended up having so much infotainment (“infotainment”, n.d.)

Understanding the research traditions was very critical, and we had the least idea on key aspects of What, How, and Why. It was a revelation to understand that no question is silly for investigation and that there is no wrong way to approach a question. We thought every lens is suitably appropriate depending upon what is the anticipated result. The anticipation of a result itself is a vague statement as if you are anticipating the result, what is it that you are looking for and how biased are you to the process of landing at that result. So we realized that the lens is the navigator, and each lens has its method of looking at the question. Whether it is a qualitative or quantitative or mixed research, one may land on an answer to their question and nothing is too far from possibility. The fact is that none of the lenses are inferior to the other. It was a great learning experience considering we pulled our corporate and academic knowledge together to choose the appropriate tradition of research for the set question

With a clearly laid outline for work and designated work process, our team had an impressive job done. We had few glitches regarding finalizing our document which is when we have realized that a thorough and strict adherence to rubrics is necessary. The team of four named ourselves the ‘awesome amazeballs’, and each of us contributed to the activity to our best of knowledge.



Infotainment. (n.d.). Oxford Dictionaries. Retrieved from
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One thought on “Situating research – TFGA: The First Group Assignment :D

  1. I found the exercise very informative and the feedback gave me pause to think about my own bias and assumptions about what I thought was common knowledge. An eye opener for sure and what a great way to get to know each other.

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